LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- After a brief session, court was dismissed for the day Wednesday morning in the manslaughter trial of Conrad Murray due to scheduling issues.

While court was in session, jurors heard from five character witnesses for Murray. They painted a positive portrait of Murray as a good physician, who was doing his best in his care of Michael Jackson.

Murray will not take the stand to testify on his own behalf.

Former patient Gerry Causey was the first witnesses to take the stand Wednesday.

He met Murray 11 years ago when he was rushed to a Las Vegas hospital with a heart attack, but they became friends since then, he testified.

He called Murray "the best doctor I've ever seen," adding, "I just don't think he did what he's been accused of."

Las Vegas heart patient Andrew Guest followed Carey on the witness stand.

"That man sitting there is the best doctor I've ever seen," Guest testified.

"He's a great guy," Guest added. "He follows up with everything, makes sure everything's explained."

The third witness was Lunette Sampson, who Murray treated for congestive heart failure. Sampson said Murray was a very caring doctor.

Patient Dennis Hix similarly described Murray as a caring and generous man. Murray put 14 stints into arteries around Hix's heart 11 years ago, Hix said.

"I'm 66, I've gone to a lot of doctors, a lot of doctors and I've never had one that gave me the care that he did," Hix said.

He added that Murray never charged him beyond what his insurance would pay.

Murray wiped tears from his eyes as the final character witness, Ruby Mosely told jurors that Murray opened a clinic in the Acres Homes community of Houston in honor of his father.

"If this man had been greedy, he never would have come to an area, a community of Acres Homes, 75% of them poor, on welfare and Social Security," Mosley said.

Two medical experts for the defense, including anesthesiologist Dr. Paul White, are expected to follow Thursday and possibly Friday. Closing arguments could begin Friday or early next week.

In addition to creating a positive picture of Murray, the defense has tried to show that Jackson was dependent on drugs, and was highly motivated to obtain propofol.

Jackson's former nurse, Cherilyn Lee testified on Tuesday that, in April 2009, two months before Jackson's died of an overdose of propofol and sedatives, the pop star repeatedly asked her to give him Diprivan.

Diprivan is the brand name of the intravenous anesthetic Propofol.