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3-D Double Feature

Burbank uses a world-wide open design contest, in which anyone, anywhere, may submit a concept drawing. After the entries are received, a two-step selection process begins. First, the BTORA Board of Directors screens the designs for theme appropriateness, buildability and decoration potential. Next, the entire paid membership votes to determine the ranking of the selected designs.

The membership voted for "3D Double Feature." Parade viewers will all enjoy a trip back to the days of the drive-in movie!

The weekend movie is one of the most widely enjoyed forms of entertainment. "Hats Off" to the drive-in movie!

The film industry has played a major role in the history of Burbank. Several major studios have offices in Burbank. Ironically, there are no longer any drive-ins in the city of Burbank!.

Burbank Tournament of Roses Association

Height: 30 ft
Width: 18 ft
Length: 45 ft

The Dawg Family enjoys an evening at the local drive-in. The float includes a movie screen, monsters, family car and various movie goodies (popcorn, hot dogs, sodas).

Imagine yourself transported in time and space back to the 1950s and the local drive-in, which tonight is featuring a double feature in realistic 3-D! Imagine also your surprise when the evening at the movies turns a bit too realistic and the giant T-Rex destroys a bridge then pops out of the screen and belches smoke! The excitement builds as alien flying saucers blast skyscrapers then leave the screen and fly toward your car!

The Dawg Family's sporty convertible is of red carnations, white Avalanche roses, Silver leaf and red Poinsettia petals.

Papa Dawg, of Cocoa palm and Uva grass, sports a shirt of dill weed with a bone pattern of small white beans.