Angelo Mendoza Jr.

Angelo Mendoza Jr. (May 19, 2009)

BAKERSFIELD -- A man accused of biting out his 4-year-old son's eyes is not competent to stand trial.

That's according to a Kern County Superior Court judge who ruled Tuesday that Angelo Mendoza should instead be hospitalized in a mental health facility.

The 34-year old father is charged with mayhem, torture and child cruelty in the April 28 attack on his son Angelo Mendoza Jr.

A neighbor found the 4-year-old naked, unconscious and covered in blood on the floor of his home.

Officers later discovered that one of the boy's eyes was missing and the other eye was horribly damaged.

The child told officers, "My daddy ate my eyes," according to Bakersfield police reports.

Mendoza is in a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury, and police said he rolled away from his apartment after the alleged attack and started hacking away at his leg with an ax.

Police say Mendoza appeared to be under the influence of PCP when he attacked the 4-year-old.

Criminal proceedings have been delayed multiple times because Mendoza was reportedly in poor medical condition and uncommunicative.

A family friend says Mendoza had stopped taking his medication and was hearing voices in the month before the incident, according to a family friend.

The boy's mother wasn't home at the time of the attack.

Mendoza has a criminal record going back to 1997 that includes convictions for selling alcohol to a minor, battery and check forgery.

Mendoza and the child's 23-year-old mother, Desirae Marie Bermudez, were charged with being under the influence of PCP in 2006 and pleaded no contest to child cruelty charges in that case, court records show.

The boy was hospitalized for a couple weeks, but he is now in protective custody at an undisclosed location.

Mendoza's competency is expected to be re-evaluated on a regular basis to determine if he's mentally healthy enough to face charges.

He is scheduled to return to court Sept. 22.