Border Battle: Canadians Flock to U.S. for Deals on Milk, Gas
BELLINGHAM, Wash. (KTLA) -- A border battle is happening up north, where residents in Bellingham, Washington are complaining about throngs of Canadians packing their local Costco store looking for bargains.

Dairy products, in particular, cost half as much in the United States as in Canada.

A popular YouTube video shows 172 gallons of milk snatched up from the Bellingham Costco in less than a minute.

Gasoline is also significantly cheaper on the U.S. side of the border.

According to, the average price is nearly $5 per gallon in British Columbia, compared to $3.89 over the border in Washington.

Lines to fill up at Costco are routinely more than 30 minutes, and the store has hired more workers to deal with the crunch, CBS News reports.

Some Canadians are filling up not only their car's fuel tanks, but also over-sized containers for later use.

The strong Canadian dollar gets much of the blame, because it buys more in the U.S.

Local residents have launched a Facebook page, calling for special shopping hours that are just for Americans.

Costco says it wonÂ’t consider starting American-only shopping hours.

It is, however searching for a spot to build a larger store that can accommodate everyone.

And not everyone is in Bellingham is complaining about the influx of shoppers from the north.

City officials in Bellingham say Canadian purchases have pushed their sales tax revenues far ahead of the rest of the state.