Abducted 3 year old Says She Was Buried Alive
YREKA -- A Northern California man has been charged with attempted murder in the brief disappearance of a 3-year-old girl who told police she was buried alive.

Siskiyou County Superior Court Judge Robert Kaster ordered 22-year-old Kody Kaplon of Hornbrook, a small community 270 miles north of Sacramento, held for trial.

According to testimony from Yreka Police Sgt. Ray Boutin, the girl told investigators her abductor took most of her clothes, choked her and buried her.

She then dug herself out.

Kaplon is charged with kidnapping, attempted murder and five counts of sexual assault.

The girl disappeared from her home in March.

Her parents say they met Kaplon during a party at their house Sunday night.

Her father said he was awakened by her screams and apparently saw Kaplon drive off with the girl.

A California Highway Patrol officer found Kaplon's the car about 20 miles northwest of Yreka.

Later that day, a group of miners working near the Oregon border found the girl shivering under a bush near Kaplon's car, wearing only a T-shirt.

Defense attorney Andy Marx disputes the girl's story.