Mom Carrying Son Falls onto Subway Tracks (VIDEO)
BOSTON (KTLA) -- A mother who took a frightening fall off a subway platform is now explaining what led up to the accident.

The incident was captured on video, as Meera Thakrar, carrying her 4-year-old son, stepped right off the platform and landed the tracks, not too far from the electrified third rail.

She says that she saw a train waiting across the tracks, and thought it was hers.

"I was just rushing, thinking that, 'Oh that's the train I'm boarding,' but that train was on the other platform, it was not on this platform," Thakrar said.

"I've decided I will not be accessing any trains," she said. "I would rather pay $25 parking in Boston, but I will not be getting on the subway."

Fortunately, Thakrar and her son were not badly hurt in the fall.