SANTA ANA -- A Santa Ana man may be a possible bone marrow donor for a 10-year-old girl with leukemia, but now he's being told he's too overweight to donate.

Andrew Sharver, 25, registered to become a donor in 2006. He finally got the good news last Wednesday in a letter from the National Marrow Donor program.

He picked up the phone to say he'd be willing to help but when they started going over the health questionnaire, they told him he wasn't going to be be able to help.

According to the donor program, the weight limit is 310 pounds.

Andrew is 6 feet 3 inches tall and 375 pounds. The risks come from putting an overweight patient under anesthesia to collect the marrow from the pelvis.

In a statement from the National Marrow Donor Program, "regulating anesthesia is more difficult in patients who exceed weight guidelines which can cause problems with breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate. Excess weight can make it more challenging to properly locate veins or start an I-V."

But Andrew says he's done his research and 70% of the procedures are now non-surgical.

"70% of what they do is a very low risk and 30% is a moderate risk we'll say, to only talk about the 30% and say well you can't do this because you might fall into that 30%."

But folks with the donor program aren't budging. His name has been taken off the list until he can lose the weight.

He says, "Although I don't agree with the guideline that the National Bone Marrow Donor has set up that what I think they're doing is great and I would encourage anybody to get their name put on the list cause you never know who you can help."