Junior Seau's autopsy reports released

SAN DIEGO -- No illegal drugs or alcohol were found in Junior Seau's system following his suicide in May, according to a toxicology report released Monday.

The report showed the presence of naproxen and zolpidem in Seau's system. The former Charger had prescriptions for both drugs, and the amounts in his system were consistent with his prescribed doses.

"Toxicological testing detected zolpidem and naproxen consistent with therapeutic use," Deputy Medical Examiner Craig Nelson wrote in the autopsy report. "No alcohol, common drugs of abuse, or other medications (base and acid/neutral screens) were detected."

The autopsy report, which was also released Monday, said Seau died from a self-inflicted gunshot to the chest with an unregistered Smith and Wesson .357 magnum revolver. The gun, which was found on the bed  next to Seau's body, was loaded with hollow-point bullets: five live rounds and one spent round, according to an investigative report released with the other two documents.

The bullet that killed Seau entered the left side of his chest and passed through his heart, diaphram, spleen, lung and two ribs before lodging in his back muscles.

Seau's body was found in his Oceanside home on May 2 by his live-in girlfriend.

The autopsy report said that Seau had an "unremarkable medical history" with no significant natural disease. It noted that Seau's brain tissue was sent to the National Institutes of Health at the request of his family.