Feel the Burn: Top five San Diego fitness trends

Feel the Burn: Top five San Diego fitness trends

Top five San Diego fitness trends, including Pilates Plus, Xtend Barre & Barry's Bootcamp

Every weekend in San Diego is loaded with unique entertainment ideas, from pool parties to music festivals, museum soirees, and posh nightclubs. But, everyone knows that you always have more fun when you look good and feel good. To get you in the right pool party state of mind, and body, challenge yourself to a new and notable fitness routine, including my favorite fun and effective workouts at Pilates Plus, Xtend Barre, Barry’s Bootcamp, CorePower Yoga, and FIT Athletic Club.

Slim down and tone up with the top five San Diego fitness trends.

Pilates Plus Pacific Beach + Booty Barre

While traditional Pilates is a great way to stretch and tone your body, new age Pilates with the SPX Fitness machine takes your workout to a whole new level. Pilates Plus Pacific Beach is a local expert, offering twelve SPX machines in a spacious, sunlit studio located in north Pacific Beach. Created by Sebastien Lagree, the SPX workout is known to strengthen the body, tones and elongate the muscles, improve endurance, jump-start the metabolism, burn fat, increase flexibility and postural alignment, and restore the body’s natural balance. Pilates Plus also just launched San Diego’s first Booty Barre, the latest craze in high-intensity barre workouts, and is the only studio to offer both Pilates and Barre in one place. Learn more at pilatespluspb.com.

Xtend Barre

This local chain is expanding at the speed of light, and if you’ve tried a class, it’s easy to see why. Xtend Barre was originally launched in 2007 by professional dancer Andrea Rogers. Different and more advanced than the typical ballet barre workout, Xtend Barre uses the signature ballet barre for the coordination and cardiovascular benefits of dance, but also incorporates the strengthening and stretching of Pilates for a high energy cardiovascular, sculpting workout that creates a long and lean physique without the added bulk. If you enjoy the barre technique but prefer a high intensity workout that really makes you sweat, Xtend Barre may be for you. There are multiple locations in San Diego, in Carmel Valley, Carlsbad, Poway, Encinitas and more. Learn more at xtendbarreworkout.com.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Take it from a true bootcamp addict, Barry’s is the best of the best in San Diego. The favorite workout of many A-List celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Barry’s Bootcamp classes are one hour, and each class includes 25 to 30 minutes of interval cardiovascular routines on the treadmill, and 25-30 minutes of strength training using free weights and other equipment. The goal is to continually “shock” the body as research demonstrates that it is the most effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight and build muscle. There is only one location in San Diego so far. If you’re looking to seriously transform your body, go big and try out Barry’s Bootcamp in Hillcrest. Learn more at barrysbootcamp.com.

CorePower Yoga

CorePower is one of the most well known yoga studios in San Diego, and across the nation. While many yoga studios put off an air of pretention and exclusivity, CorePower offers a straight-forward and welcoming yoga experience that is accessible to everyone and every fitness level. CorePower boasts a diverse schedule of classes that is sure to keep you on your toes; ranging from CorePower Hot Yoga – a series of 26 postures performed in a precise order, in a room heated to 105 degrees; to Hot Power Fusion – which captures the essence of the traditional hot yoga class and its 26 static postures and incorporates the flow and grace of other Hatha sequences. There are multiple locations in San Diego, in Mission Valley, Point Loma, North Park, Hillcrest and more. Learn more at corepoweryoga.com.

FIT Athletic Club

While boutique fitness studios are great in many ways, nothing quite compares to the all-inclusive convenience of a large, luxury gym. FIT Athletic Club is the ultimate gym, located in downtown San Diego, with indoor treadmills and an outdoor deck looking directly into PETCO Park. FIT boasts spa inspired locker rooms with soothing sauna and steam rooms, as well as a second story outdoor pool deck with a pool and Jacuzzi. In addition to a full gym, FIT offers incredible classes, ranging from Spin and Martial Arts to Pilates, Yoga, Aqua Fit, Capoeira, Cardio Kickboxing and more. Most unique is FIT’s social scene; the who’s who of the downtown industry work out at FIT before a big night on the town. Learn more at fitathletic.com.

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