'Fallen Star' house placed on UCSD building

'Fallen Star' house placed on UCSD building (fox5sandiego.com / November 15, 2011)

SAN DIEGO - An entire house was hoisted up to the top of a seven story building at University of California, San Diego Tuesday.

The 70,000 pound house called the "Fallen Star" was installed as a part of the world renowned Stuart Art Collection at UCSD. The art piece created by artist Do Ho Suh looks like a house that crashed into the engineering building on campus.

"I guess it adds character to our campus.  Once it gets up there it will look pretty cool."

The 15 by 18 foot, blue Rhode Island 'like' cottage was lifted a hundred feet in the air and attached atop the Jacobs School of Engineering building at UCSD.

So far, it already seems to be a fan favorite.

"Personally, this is going to be my favorite one, I think the idea of having a suburban house is going to be really interesting to see," Aaron Lee  said. "It juxtaposes the science engineering part of UCSD along with the suburban lives that a lot of us come from."

The idea is supposed to give the feeling of disorientation. It roots back when "Suh" moved to the United States from Korea to attend school at Yale University.  At the time, he felt completely displaced.

There are so many students here, and there is so much displacement in the world that we think this is an experience that will be unforgettable and memorable for the students and everyone else.

After six years in the making, the "Fallen Star" is perched on the side building. Since it's high in the sky, it's built to withstand a hundred mile per hour winds.

The floor slopes at a four degree angle.  Engineers say the odd angles inside the a million dollar project actually make people feel dizzy.

"It was complicated in every sense of the word.. I raised the money from scratch, from private donations and we got $90,000 from the National Endowment for the Arts," said Mary Beebe, Director of Stuart Collection.  

There's still a lot of work to be done. The house will be furnished and when it's finished, there will be a grand opening expected sometime in February 2012.