The mother of a murdered 14-year-old Escondido girl confronted her daughter's killer in a jailhouse meeting Wednesday.

Fifteen months after the Escondido teenager Amber Dubois was murdered by John Albert Gardner III, the confessed killer of both Amber and Chelsea King agreed to speak with Amber's mother, Carrie McGonigle at the San Diego Central Jail.

McGonigle received a phone call Wednesday telling her she could go to the jail and meet with Gardner for 30 minutes, according to an e-mail from McGonigle's spokesman.

None of the details of the conversation were released Wednesday, but McGonigle said Gardner answered all her questions, finally giving her a sense of closure she'd been hoping for since Amber disappeared February 13, 2009.

"I met with Gardner, yes we talked. I got my answers, I got my closure that I needed," McConigle said.

On April 29, KFMB-TV televised a phone interview with Gardner in which he said he was willing to answer questions from the families of his victims. Since then, McGonigle had been trying to meet with him to find out why he chose Amber and how he abducted her.

McGonigle is expected to make a statement Friday before Gardner is sentenced for his crimes.

"I know to the pubic this is the day before Gardner is sentenced, and a couple days after the mom talked to to his daughters killer, but to us it is 15 months since we lost saw Amber," she said fighting back tears.