Justin is an active young man with a bright smile and friendly personality.   He likes to play video games, watch TV, and study bugs. Justin has a dream of one day being a Herpetologist.  Justin is very outgoing, easy to talk to, and is very compliant. He loves broccoli and cheese, but his least favorite foods are black eyed peas and brussel sprouts.  

Justin is currently attending 9th grade and does not really like school but does well.  Justin said his favorite classes are gym, science, art and recess.  He does not like math.    

Justin needs a Forever Family who will remain committed to him for a lifetime.  Justin would succeed best in a home with two parents and no younger children.  He would like to remain in contact with his four biological siblings.  Justin will need structure and consistent discipline in his home.  Justin would like a family who goes to church and likes to go to the zoo. 

To learn more about Justin, contact The Adoption Exchange at 800-554-2222.