Zuckerberg Facebook down billions

You can book it. This has been a pretty rocky year for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

He started off the year in high-cotton when Facebook went public in May.

At about 45 bucks a share, Zuckerberg had a paper fortune of about $17 billion. But the Kool-Aid wore off, and investors realized they may have bought a pig in a poke.

Facebook now goes for less than 24 bucks a pop, meaning Zuckerberg’s net worth fell about $8 billion.

Forbes Magazine says he’s still worth a little over 9 billion, which put him at number 36 of their list of America’s richest rich people. But he’s in pretty good company,

Tied with media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Houston’s own Richard Kinder, chairman and CEO of Kinder Morgan.

But, when you’re rich and famous, you’re always a target for those you stepped over on the way to the top.

Aaron Greenspan and Zuckerberg went to Harvard at the same time. He claims Zuck cribbed some of his ideas, like a social networking service called 'house-system' that had a feature called 'Facebook.'

Anyway, in a long and rambling blog that went up this week, Greenspan posted what he says are copies of their instant messages from the early days of Facebook.

Don’t look for any nasty dirt or amazing insights in those old IM’s. Reading through them is about as much fun as peeking through the window at a couple of slackers texting each other. But hey, some people get off on that. Whatever works for you!