TSA agents rescue kidnapped woman

Airport screeners may not be able to tell a terrorist from a half-naked woman, but they can spot a beaten and bleeding woman most of the time.

Last month, Transportation Security Administration agents at Miami International Airport noticed a trembling 25-year-old woman trying to hide her face at an airline ticket counter.

She first told them she was okay, but they took her aside for more questioning. That's when she said she had been beaten and kidnapped and was about to be forced to go to New York. She had been in Florida with a group. Things went bad when she was accused of sleeping with the boyfriend of one of the women.

They questioned the four people with her and ended up arresting two women in the group for kidnapping, battery and other charges.

"The collateral benefit of having a security measure in an airport is it with some frequency will detect criminal behavior because these clues are also present during criminal activity,' said Mark Hatfield, Jr., Miami TSA director. 'So, in this case, the first clues came from the victim of that crime and it later lead to the arrest of the perpetrators."

Of course, you know you have a bad reputation when you do your job, and it makes the news.