Tropical storm Isaac update

Tropical Storm Isaac is on the prowl. The storm hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti this morning. The town is still in shambles from the 2010 earthquake. 

After the storm, a new worry emerges: cholera outbreaks in the evacuation camps. Can't these people catch a break?

From Haiti, the storm went on to Cuba and is expected to hit the Florida keys Sunday.

"We`re hoping for the best that this is not a big event, but we're preparing for the worst," said Frank Kominowski, Red Cross volunteer.

Despite hurricane warnings, it looks like the Republican National Convention will go on as planned in Tampa. That's grand news for the Grand Ol' Party, but Florida`s governor still knows what's up.

"it's a real honor to be able to represent this state at the convention, but it's way more important to make sure we keep this state safe," said florida governor rick scott.

In the meantime, a State of Emergency has been declared for Florida. Mother Nature is nothing to fool around with.