The Houston Zoo brought snow in July
Tes, you heard correctly, snow in July at the Houston Zoo/ TXU Corporation brought in 20,000 pounds of ice to create cool zones for kids to play in.

The big kids got in the action, too.

"It's awesome, especially in July."

And then the really big kids came to play. Five elephants became the star attractions as the stomped around int he white stuff.

Valerie Ramirez: "I think it's cool because my brother and I don't do that. Wow. My mom and dad brought me
and I thought it was going to be boring, but this is amazing."

What too volunteers and zoo workers hours to create, the elephants dvoured in minutes.T

Ian Ross,: Elephant keeper for Houston Zoo, says, "I think our elephants enjoyed it just as much as our volunteers enjoyed making it, as well as our volunteers enjjoyed watching them kind of play with their creation. It's a very satisfying experience to watch an elephant interact with something you helped to create"

Mother Nature took care of the rest by melting away the day's fun.