From the devastation in Haiti to campaign races, there's a new way of quickly raising funds from a broader base.

Now you can text your donations. Charity organizations and politicians are hoping to grab your attention using technology. They know you no longer have to pull out your cash to donate just your cell phone.

The chirping from a text message may be sound we're all too familiar with. It seems texting has become second nature and some people can't live without it.

There's even a texting championship that has challenged the quick thumbs of many across the world. It's become a way not only to keep in touch but to help those in need.

The American Red Cross uses texting as a unique way to raise funds. Within three hours after the quake struck in Haiti, people from all over donated $10 via a text. So far they've collected $147 million to help Haitians. $26 million were from text messages alone.

"We're able to put those donations into direct action and we're able to provide needed supplies," said Russell Hubbard with the Red Cross Greater Houston Chapter.

Even the Salvation Army is taking the "text donation" approach. Instead of dropping $5 in their red kettles, you can do so through your phone.

"It was the telephone at one time. Back in the days smoke signals with the Indians, now its electronic technology," said Steven Flores, President of The Latino Labor Leadership Council.

Technology has struck a chord with politicians and its changing the old methods of fundraising and campaigning.

"(We use it) for money, for receptions, for anything. It has brought a whole new meaning to politics and it really showed in President Obama's popularity. He raised so much money," said Mario Gallegos Jr., state senator for Houston's District 6.

Mario Gallegos Jr. hasn't used texting to raise money, at least not yet. He doesn't doubt that will soon be changing as technology becomes the new wave of the future.

The Mobile Giving Foundation is behind this new wave of donating through text. Already, 65 non-profit groups across the U.S. have registered to receive a donation through text.