"I'm looking forward to serving the children of this community, and I'm looking forward to working with this board of education," Grier told the Board after he was confirmed.

His comments were met with a standing ovation, but not everyone is cheering.

"I'm going to the D.A.," said Texas State Senator Mario Gallegos, a Democrat from Houston's east side.

Gallegos has fired off a complaint letter to the Harris County District Attorney.

"The whole process is tainted," Gallegos complained.

Gallegos claims he has an e-mail that shows the board of education violated the law by negotiating salary with Grier before telling the public that Grier was their candidate. Gallegos would not show the e-mail to 39 News.

The school board says everything was done legally when they made their offer to Grier.

"There were discussions about what people were expecting, but there was absolutely no negotiation" said HISD attorney David Thompson.

"I don't know how they do it in California, but you've got to do it the right way in Texas," Gallegos said.

Grier comes to Houston from San Diego, California where he served as superintendent for just 18 months. This will be the ninth school district that he's run in the past 25 years.

Grier says he looks forward to talking about the issue with Gallegos.

Gallegos says Grier has done nothing wrong, but he feels H.I.S.D. has broken the law.

At deadline there was no word on whether the Harris County District Attorney's office thinks any laws have been broken.