Sunland Peanut Butter Recall

There's a major peanut butter recall that's expanded to some major retailers.

Sunland Inc. first deemed its products with peanut and almond butter unsafe. Now it says to watch out for those with cashew butter, tahini butter, blanched butter and roasted peanuts.

At first, the recall was just for Trader Joe's Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention linked it to 30 illnesses in 19 states.

There are no reports of anyone getting sick from other products, but Sunland Inc. is being extra cautious.

So if you'e nuts for nuts and shop at Whole Foods and Target, you might want to avoid anything made by Sunland Inc. for a while.

The list is long, so hop online and check it out for yourself.