For all of us concerned about getting olde, here's a secret that may keep you above ground just a little longer.

Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (and who could argue with him) found that extroverts live longer.

It's all part of the longevity genes project: 500 people 95 and older and 700 of their kids took part in the study.

It was found that many of these people didn't take any special precautions to achieve their lengthy life span.  They smoke, drink and eat the same ol' junk.

What may have made the difference in reaching their golden years, could be a positive outlook on life.

They considered laughter important and liked to be social.

The subjects of the study, all shared particular personality traits which could play a  major role in reaching those lofty years.

So go out there, enjoy life, laugh and be happy. It may help you reach that fountain of youth.

If not, at least you could die with a smile on your face.