Bill Brown's new book to benefit charity

You've heard the saying "Don't sweat it."

In the case of 12-year-old Zach Hamm, he literally doesn't since he suffers from a rare condition that can affect one out of every 10,000 births. Zach is, also missing seven toes and nine teeth.

What he isn't missing? Personality!

"It's hard to play with your dog in the backyard for 30 minutes but it doesn't slow me down," says Zach. "It doesn't change who I am."

Zach's personality caught the eye of longtime Astros announcer Bill Brown who recently penned the book "My Baseball Journey: A Sportscaster's Story."

"When you're in your mid-60's you've been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people and a lot of them inspire you," says Brown. "Just looking back, there were people that were striking in that we wrote chapters on them."

Brown writes about some of the legends in the game like Roberto Clemente and Pete rose, but also the Killer B's like Biggio and Bagwell, and Astros icons like Bob Aspromonte and Bob Watson.

Zach says, "But some people call it awesome, as the kids say these days."

Awesome as in all sales from Brown's book will go to a good cause.

"The idea of doing it for charity was very appealing and then which charity," says Brown. "Well, there were some others I had in mind but this one was particularly striking."

Zach is pretty happy about it, too. He sums it up by saying, "Thank you everybody."