Online Dish: The Most Expensive & Luxurious Condom; Introducing Louis Vuitton's Ultimate Accessory!

It's the most expensive and stylish rubber, and I'm not talking about tires. It's the Louis Vuitton Condom. Yes, now you can have your Louis in a whole new way.

Created by Georgia Republic architect Irakli Kiziria each luxurious rubber is enveloped in the label's signature monogram brown packaging. Rip it open to find the actual LV rubber. It's brown and has raised LV's for extra pleasure.

Now if it's a Louis you know it's going to be pricey and same goes for the rubbers, being sold at $68 each! To put this into perspective you could buy about six 12-packs of regular condoms for that price.

But before you embarrass yourself at the Louis Vuitton store, you should know that the condoms are only being sold online and actually have no affiliation with Louis. Shoot, I thought they'd throw one in with a gift with purchase.

Kiziria created the LV condoms in collaboration with Design Provocation as a design project. The team hopes to launch the rubbers on World AIDS day and donate proceeds to AIDS research.

Would you buy this luxurious condom?

Viewers serve up their thoughts:

Sean writes: If it had only been one dollar more, it would have been even more of a story...

Freddie writes: Uh...serving it up???????? LOL. and if they break it's even more than

Anthony writes: that's the right way to start out your week...!!

Krystal writes: Loved the dish this morning !!!and I couldn't stop laughing about the p diddy part because its so true ;-) thanks for making my Monday girlie

Bobbi writes: Loved it! Online dish gets my morning started :)

Stephanie writes: i am sure people will buy them up. they look funny!

Rick writes: Awe C'mon Man!!!
First dinner $100.00
Then movie $50.00
THEN SEX $68.00?
Equals 218.00!

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