Online Dish: Guy Threatens to Slap Cop Across the Face with His Penis
He did what, with his what?! A college sophomore allegedly threatened to slap a police officer "across the face with his penis" after he was caught urinating in public, according to reports.

Craig McIntire, 21, a student at Miami University of Ohio, was arrested over Labor Day weekend, when he refused to stop"urinating in an alleyway" after a police officer caught him in the act, Elite Daily reports. Don't you hate when you break the seal.

McIntire was allegedly "piss drunk" at the time and put up quite a struggle before the police officer was able to restrain him.

According to the Miami Student, McIntire allegedly threatened the police officer with his penis while they were en route to the police department:

"Officers reported McIntire as being heavily intoxicated, unsteady on his feet and uncooperative. After being processed and charged he was taken to Butler County Jail. During the ride there he told the officer to pull over so he could slap him across the face with his penis. McIntire was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing official business and public intoxication."

Now while it is incredibly rude, and disrespectful, the police officers couldn't be in harm with this kid's missile; unless he was packing a "magic stick" like Jonah Hill, 41. He's the guy who the TSA mistook his 9 inch or 13.5 inch penis when erect, penis for a "deadly weapon". Now that bazooka could cause a black eye.

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