Online Dish: Dads Throw Stink About Huggies Diaper Ad

Hug it out! Stay at home dads and Huggies have made up after the diaper company made a mess by offending the dads.

The diaper company changed its "Have Dad Put Huggies To The Test" campaign after the controversial commercials depicting dads as inattentive caregivers sparked outrage. The commercials were part of a campaign to "to demonstrate the performance of our Huggies diapers and baby wipes in real life situations."

The commercials showed dads so consumed by sports on TV that they neglected to tend to the full diapers on their babies. They also showed them napping with their babies in a recliner.

A voice-over then explains that the company put the diapers to the test "to prove that Huggies diapers and wipes can handle anything."

At a time when more dads are opting to stay at home, the campaign sparked a dadtroversy.

How can you insult hundreds of thousands of dads, who serve as the primary caregiver, and in some cases, THE ONLY caregiver, to their children?" asks an irate John Taylor, a Virginia dad who writes the blog The DaddyYo Dude, in an open letter to Huggies he posted Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania father has launched an online petition asking Huggies to yank the ads. "Changing diapers, cleaning, feeding, bathing ... no aspect of parenting other than actually giving birth and breastfeeding is off-limits to involved 21st Century dads. The days of dad being unwilling or unable to take an active role in even the messiest aspects of parenting young children are past," writes Chris Routly.

As of this writing, Routly's petition was closing in on a thousand signatures.

Huggies has responded on its Facebook page that no insult was intended; the campaign's purpose is to "celebrate" fathers. They have since removed the videos.

In my opinion, it was a good idea gone bad, kind of like a stinky diaper. Why not show more dads cooking, and cleaning. This is why women have the babies, we suck it up and deal with the pain. How many ads are out there showing a "stereotypical mom"?! You don't hear them crying like a baby. Who's really supposed to be wearing the diapers here; the babies or the dads?

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