Special Online Dish: "Bully" Should Be Mandatory For All Kids & Parents to See
It's the must see documentary of a lifetime for all ages, "Bully".

I saw a screening of the powerful, no-holds-barred documentary and have to say I have never left a theatre feeling more raw, heart-broken, angry and wanting to make a change.

"Bully" is powerful because it's sad but true. It shows what kids are going through every single day, along with the tough issue of suicide. That was one of the hardest parts to watch. Seeing parents, and best friends grieve for the loss of loved ones, or to see the closet where a parent found their child hanging. There are no words. You constantly are shaking your head between tears reminding yourself that this is actually going on, right now. 13 million kids will be bullied in school this year. And it's not stopping.

The part that angered me the most was that parents and even children being bullied would go talk to school administrators and they would do NOTHING. Easier to turn their heads the other way, that is until another child takes their own life.

There has been much debate over whether or not children should see this documentary. I dished about how the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) initially gave "Bully" an 'R' rating due to cursing, making it impossible for kids and schools to see or show the documentary.

But after people served up their thoughts against the rating and petitioned, the MPAA decided to compromise. Edit out the 3 F-bombs and they'll lower it to a PG-13 rating. The Weinstein Co. agreed and now the rating has been reduced.

The one crucial scene on a bus where a 12-year-old is tormented is left in, F-bombs and all. A few curses in other scenes were cut.

"This was the scene that carried all of the emotional weight of the movie, the language was so representative of the experience of bullying and I would not budge," director Lee Hirsch told the Daily News.

Now the kids that need to see this documentary can. In my opinion it should be mandatory for all schools to show it. Until then please go and see "Bully". It hits theatres Friday, April 13th.

In the meantime make a difference, take a stand for the silent and put an end to bullying, NOW!

Did you see "Bully"? Thoughts?

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