'Hot Dogs Are Meant To Be Enjoyed, Not Weaponized'

This past weekend there was an incident near Santa Clara involving Tiger Woods, a uuuhh...'fan' and a hot dog.

Tiger was lining up his birdie putt when a spectator threw a hot dog at him.

The dog landed about 20 feet from Woods.

Come on dude...If you are gonna throw a perfectly good wiener at someone, at least try to get it closer than 20 feet.

The man was arrested for disturbing the peace and was quickly escorted from the golf course.

As for Tiger? Frankly, he didn't give a damn.

Woods said, "Some guy just came running on the green and um he had a hot dog and evidently I don`t know how he tried to throw it but I was focusing on my putt when he started yelling; next thing I know he laid on the ground and looked like he wanted to be arrested."

One group does care though, the National Hot Dog And Sausage Council...Wait there`s an actual council?

They released a statement saying: "The use of an iconic food in an act of violence against an iconic golfer like Tiger Woods is reprehensible -- and a violation of hot dog etiquette.”

Wait.....What exactly is 'hot dog etiquette'???

The council continues saying: “Some might call the thrower a 'wiener,' but we'd say that's too high a compliment. Hot dogs are meant to be enjoyed --not weaponized.”

Yeah, hot dogs are so dangerous. The next thing you know, you are going to have to get a concealed wiener license.

Woods also said, "He was pretty far away from me and he started making the commotion and the gallery started getting into it, I could hear the security behind me... I was still bent over to putt."

Umm, yeah...Tiger you might want to choose your words wisely when you are talking about 'bending over and wieners.’

The irony in all of this is Tiger Woods got in trouble throwing 'his' hot dog at others.