Superman no longer an American???

DC comics' Superman is renouncing his citizenship. In a recent issue of action comics, he defended Iranian protesters from the security forces of Mahmoud Ahmadinedjad... which apparently upset the U.S. government.

Superman decided that instead of being the voice for U.S. policy, in times when the world seems to be shrinking, it's time for him to represent the world.

No longer... "Truth, Justice and the American way"

Well... all that if you actually follow the comics...or care.

According to experts... this is yet another hiccup like many others in the history of the the bigger than life super hero such as...

Playing in a porn movie... to making his best friend marry a gorilla ...and making racial remarks... each of those transgressions seemed to be forgotten quickly... Superman's change of allegiance may be just a passing controversy, too.

Or... maybe just a sign of the times as the world shrinks... Up up and away...