NASA`s Decision To Not Retire A Shuttle Here...felt Like This

NATS: Punch In The Gut

It Hurts ....and Now After A Few Days Of Hearing 'Houston We Have A Problem' And Comparisons Like : No Shuttle Like Taking The Grand Ole Opry In Nashville.

Liberty Bell Out Of Philadelphia..or The E Alamo Out Of San Antonio.

Losing Out On The Shuttles Stink . I've Seen Launches (my Picture)...I Still Haven't Thrown Out This Old Shuttle Jacket.

Its Because Space Is Part Of Houston's`s Soul..

Remind Your Kids JFK Made This Speech At Rice University.

'We Choose...they Are Hard'

Its 'hard' To Comprehend A Space Shuttle Will Be In New York, But Not Houston.

There`s Calls For A Congressional Investigation...there`s Talk Of Backroom Deals...politics At Play. Who Knows? But Having A Time To Think About This- I`ve Come To A Conclusion: This Shuttle Snub Says More About The Future Of Johnson Space Center.

How Insignificant JSC Could Be Ten Or 20 Years From Now. I've Talked Before About The Jobs Going Away With The End Of The Shuttle Program And The Rise In Commercial Space Flight ...(Virgin )

So Maybe, Just Maybe...the Decision To Snub Houston Had Nothing To Do With Today...perhaps It Was More About Where Your Kids And Their Kids Will Learn About Space -tomorrow .