Patient awarded nearly $2 million over botched surgery

Imagine this...

You are in constant pain.  The doctor you trust recommends surgery.  The procedure is common, and you expect to be out of the hospital in a day, but something goes horribly wrong, and you end up in a coma for 3 weeks.

When you wake up, you find out, life as you knew it, no longer exists.  You are faced with a life time of suffering and pain.

That's what happened to Lauren Williams, who went to Willobrook Methodist Hospital for a hysterectomy.

Chelsie Garza, Williams attorney said: "During the hysterectomy she had two bowels injured, both her ureter and her rectum, as a result of the rectal injury, her feces and the content of her bowels spilled out, into her abdomen, resulting in sepsis, internal organ damage and she was given just a short amount of time to live, or have emergency surgery to correct the bowel injury."

According to Garza, not until the trial, did Williams learn that Dr. Benge, the doctor who recommended the surgery and the doctor that Williams expected to do the surgery, wasn't the only one involved.

"What we discovered through the course of the case is that a resident, who had never performed this surgery before, actually did more than 50% of the surgery without Laurens knowledge,” said Garza. “So, we believe it was the inexperienced surgeon who caused these different types of injuries to her organs."

A jury awarded Williams nearly $2 million dollars, but is that enough.

"No amount of money could give me back what I've lost, which is my life that I once knew’” said Williams.

Williams was active in her community, and was recently promoted at her job, which she has since had to leave.

The moral of the story... Ask questions before surgery.  Know who's going to be involved, and make sure you know who is holding the knife before you let them cut into you.