Officially Over: Texans clean out lockers

It's officially over. The Texans' 20-13 loss to Baltimore, in the AFC Divisional Playoffs, means time for players to clean out their lockers.

"Guys are really just like, 'wow, man, I can't believe we're not playing,'" Lawrence Vickers, a Houston native and Texans fullback, said. "I can't believe we're not at work today."

"I mean, to know you were so close to playing for an AFC championship, it definitely hurts," J.J. Watt, a Texans defensive end, said. "We know we could have won that game. We just didn't do the things we had to do to win it."

A lot of talk still about Jacoby Jones' huge mistake against the Ravens. Things got so bad  that Jacoby had security escort him out of M&T Bank Stadium, and is apparently under protection due to death threats on Twitter.

Really people?

We're hearing that someone also burned Jacoby's No. 12 jersey on his lawn. How is Jacoby feeling?

"It's something you have to live and learn with. It's a decision I made," Jones said. "I have to grow up and learn from it. I made a mistake. I apologized to my teammates."

As for T.J. Yates: why the Hail Mary on the final play against Ed Reed and company?

"That was the play called," Yates, who threw three interceptions, said. "We knew we didn't have any timeouts left so if we did complete one inbounds, we'd have to go up and not have much time left. We had to take a chance at the end."

"The first time winning a division ... I think that was special for us," DeMeco Ryans, a Texans linebacker, said. "Getting a playoff win here at home was also special."

"It's hard to, I think, to really sum up the season right away; right when it's over," said Shaun Cody, who's a Texans defensive tackle. "It takes a few weeks to kind of depressurize I guess."

"The fans supported us throughout the whole year win or lose," Jason Allen, a Texans cornerback, said about the large crowd of Texans fans waiting for them at Reliant Stadium on Sunday night.

"We wanted to win for them so bad [and] wanted to make it to the Super Bowl."

As we say - wait until next year.