Rick Perry rushes to defend Limbaugh

Did you know Rush Limbaugh is an Honorary Texan?  It’s true. Governor Rick Perry bestowed the title upon conservative talk show zealot nearly three years ago. Though, in the midst of Slut-gate, one group wants the title revoked.

Progress Texas is a nonprofit that says its mission, among other things, is to hold elected officials accountable. Their Executive Director, Matt Glazer says, 'This isn’t very Texan. Texans don’t treat women like this. It’s time for him to revoke Rush Limbaugh’s honorary Texan status.'

Governor Perry wouldn’t answer directly but he doesn’t appear to be giving the 'Bum’s rush' to Limbaugh. He says, "I think all of us ought to watch our language from time to time. We shouldn`t be saying things our grandmothers and mothers would be embarrassed for us to say.”

Hmm, did Granny mention that two wrongs don’t make a right?

The Governor went on to say, 'I think it’s the height of hypocrisy for those on the left to criticize Rush Limbaugh for using the term 'slut' when Ed Schultz and a vast group of other people that represent "the Left" have used those terms.'

Perry’s right... liberal, talk show host Ed Schultz used the same word to refer to Laura Ingraham last year... however he was punished with a one week suspension. No suspension for Limbaugh... though the rush hour of advertisers and affiliates departing may be more painful.  Perhaps the knowledge that Gov. Rick Perry 'has his back' will provide the big wind bag some measure comfort.