Rockets hunt down Bulls; playoff push continues

A victorious launch for the Rockets (29-25) in the windy city, and a huge performance over the best team in the NBA: Chicago (42-13).

An unfortunate setback for Bulls nation, but what a way for Houston to continue its push toward the playoffs.

"Seeing the situation right now at this point, the way we're playing, we've got a pretty good chance to do this," Luis Scola, a Rockets forward who poured in 18 points and 12 rebounds at United Center, said.

Assuming the Rockets keep winning, can they stay in the top eight in the West to make the playoffs?

"As a team, we're helping each other on the court and off the court," Goran Dragic, the Rockets starting point guard, said. "And, you know, that means something special, especially for this season because it's so short."

Too short.

Can you believe there are only 12 games left in the Rockets' regular season?

"If we make [the] playoffs then we're gonna play maybe against Oklahoma [City] or San Antonio," said Dragic. "We knew we split those games [with those teams earlier this season]."

No easy task against either team.

The Rockets said they're grateful that Dragic has been stepping up during their run.

"He's been waiting for an opportunity, and he's been prepared," Courtney Lee, a Rockets shooting guard, said. "When he got his opportunity he just went out there and is just showcasing his ability."

Alright Rockets fans, since it looks like your team has the ability to possibly reach the playoffs, how dangerous would this group be?

"We don't know because we are so focused on the playoffs. It's hard for us to look beyond that," said Scola. "I believe the best approach we can have is just to win games."

Winning out down the stretch isn't such a bad idea is it?