W-W-J-S. Who would Jesus shun?

A Brooklyn bishop seems to know the answer to that question…New York lawmakers.

What is their sin? Passing legislation allowing gay marriage in New York.

Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio is hanging up a 'Not Welcome' sign on his Catholic Church doors for New York legislators. They`re also not welcome to speak at or even donate money to Catholic schools in the diocese.

The ban is punishment for their role in destructing “the single most important institution in human history.”

Interesting seeing as how often that 'most important institution' is created at a quickie wedding in Vegas presided over by an Elvis impersonator.

The diocese contends lawmakers didn’t even read the bill or debate the issue before voting during the session`s final night.

“The process seemed to be very flawed and because the process was flawed we believe the legislation passed,” said spokesman for the Diocese of Brooklyn Monsignor Kieran Harrington. “If the process had been different, we don't know if the legislation would have passed."

“I voted my conscious. And I voted for equality,” said Joe Lentol (D) New York Assembly.

“Even though I’m being punished for it, I understand where he's coming from,” said Senator Marty Golden (R) New York.

But is the church going too far?

One senator who voted against gay marriage says even he`s unwelcome at the church.

“It is a little bit aggravating but I’m going to have to get over it,” said Senator Golden.

Even if they disagree with the bishop's position, area lawmakers say they respect the leadership he's taking on the issue and they say they will obey the ban for as long as it's in effect.