Raiders Emotional  Win For Late Owner Al Davis

It was an emotional football game on Sunday, Oct. 9 between the Raiders and Texans at Reliant Stadium.

The Raiders had "Al" inscribed on the back of their helmets, and fans from both sides paid respects to the late owner by holding up signs.

The focus at Reliant Stadium was split between the death of Oakland owner, Al Davis, and the Texans losing 25-20.

"Your heart goes out to them but at the same time it is a football game," Matt Engle, a Houstonian, said. "It's sad. He brought the Raiders to where they were [with three super bowl titles] and kind of gave that swagger that, you know, people have come to enjoy."

"We were fighting against our emotions but at the same time [your focus is to] try to go out and win a game for him," Raiders quarterback, Jason Campbell, said.

 "He was unlike most businessmen, where the product came first and not the share that went in his pocket," said Jerry Soifer, a Los Angeles native, who's covered the Raiders for 30 years. "He wanted to win football games. He wanted to win Super Bowls."

"He definitely touched everybody in the room. The coaching staff, you know, the trainers; everybody so we knew we had to come together for him," Stanford Routt, a University of Houston product and Raiders cornerback, said.

Al Davis is gone, but his famous motto and love for the game will never be forgotten.

 "He'll be watching because we gotta win baby," said Alicia Irwin, who's a Las Vegas resident and longtime Raiders fan.