Do you know who Doug Hutchison is? He was the creepy guy in Lost, even creepier in "The Green Mile" and X-files geeks (like us) will never forget him as the uber-creepy liver-stealing mutant, Tooms.

Well, he is about to be known for something even creepier by marrying a 16-year-old at age 51.

That makes Doug Hutchison 35 years older than his new bride, Courtney Stodden.

Who you ask?

"I'm an upcoming recording artist. I'm a model, inspiring actress, dancer, TV show hostess. I host my own TV show called the Courtney Stodden Show," said 16-year-old Stodden.

Hmm... Must have missed that one. 

But you have to agree, Courtney doesn't quite look like your average 16-year-old.

Still, marrying a minor is illegal, isn't it?

Not in Vegas baby, as long as you have the parents' consent.

Mom and dad to the former Miss Ocean Shores 2009 could not be happier with Courtney’s new husband, despite the fact he's older than both of them.

Her dad Alex calls Hutchison the nicest man he's ever met in his life.

Mom concurs, oversharing: "Courtney was a virgin when she married Doug. She's a good Christian girl."

Who would suspect otherwise?

The couple acknowledges their age difference is extremely controversial, but wants to get the message out that love can be ageless.

Aww... That's sweet enough to make Jerry Lee Lewis and Woody Allen blush like a teenage schoolgirl.