The FBI shows no mercy. Even to the elderly who wants to help put others out of their misery.

FBI Agents raided 91-year-old Sharlotte Hydorn's home when they found out she was selling suicide kits.

“They've taken my computers so I can't prepare anything word or anything and I was trying to write up kind of a statement,” Said Hydorn.

Agents snatched up her computer, sewing machine and several boxes of helium hood kits.

The kits come with a plastic hood with a slot for a plastic tube to connect to a helium tank.

The price tag? 60 bucks.

Hydorn's been selling what she calls "exit kits" for years and authorities caught on when a 29-year-old customer out of Oregon used one to kill himself.

Here's the kicker! It's legal, in the state of California anyway.

California congressman, Duncan Hunter, released a statement saying: "it's the responsibility of the state to limit the sale of certain items for the purpose of assisted suicides. Most states including California have not enacted the relevant laws to deal with this problem."

So why is the FBI taking all of Hydorn’s merchandise?

They're accusing her of mail fraud.

Hydorn says she not trying to hurt people, but helps them.

She got the idea for the kits when her husband died a slow and painful death from colon cancer.

We don't know which side to choose.