The 32-year-old former hotel employee now known as the DSK maid admits she`s not perfect, but says she`s no prostitute.

The immigrant from Guinea has come out of hiding in a detailed, sometimes too detailed interview with Newsweek Magazine.

Natiff Diallo, paints the former IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn, as a sex-crazed maniac who can`t be controlled. 

Diallo claims when she walked into Strauss-Kahn`s Sofitel hotel room to clean it, the one time French Presidential hopeful appeared before her naked and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

A good amount of DNA evidence was left behind meaning Strauss-Kahn couldn`t deny that something took place: though he claims it was consensual.

Staruss-Kahn`s lawyers dug into the maid`s past and found what they say are a few skeletons.

The maid allegedly understated her income and claimed deductions for 2 children on her taxes. She only has one-child.

The most damaging, the lawyers say Diallo lied on her green-card application.

Although we know Strauss-Kahn is claiming the maid was up for it, he is given zero insight into this version of what happened in room 28-06.