Carl Lewis talks to teens about life's challenges

Olympian and UofH alum Carl Lewis returns home to a crowd of teenagers at the Running USA Conference.

Fortunately, he’s not going to sing to them. His mission is to talk to and motivate them. Lewis tells the kids, 'If life was easy, everybody’d be good at it.  You have to realize that the difficulties are only challenges.'  That's good advice coming from a 9-time gold medal winner. Lewis tries to help the kids realize how you view your life is what really matters.

He tells the teens if they had a bad day, that's just a day to make the next one better.

Lewis also believes that hard work never goes unrewarded and encouraged the teens to be focused, committed to something and to try to turn their ideas into reality.

Not a simple task, even for a 10-time Olympic medalist but he believes motivated kids will try to be the best they can be and will go on to have a gold medal life.