Russian spy chick is a celeb

Who wouldn't fall for a Russian spy? Come on! You've seen their pictures. Luckily we have the FBI to protect us from our own instincts. 

Anna Chapman, the glamorous Russian spy deported in 2010 returned to the spotlight when the British media wrongly claimed that she succeeded in seducing a member of the Obama administration. 

Had she been an intern during President Clinton's term we could have bought the rumor.  But the FBI said the story was fabricated.   Upon Chapman's return to Russia, she was received as a national hero.  Even former KGB Vladimir Putin sang romantic songs about spies. 

Chapman quickly became a TV celebrity, but now the hero is starting to fall from grace.  In one of her recent appearances at St Petersburg University, students greeted her with signs saying "Get out of the University!  The Kremlin and the porn studio are the other way". 

Right on! After all, Chapman may have proven that she's good in bed, but not as good at obtaining sensitive leaks.