Bride fakes cancer to get honeymoon and wedding paid for

The Big 'C' is serious stuff.

Just ask Libby Serber, that 6-year-old from Frisco, Texas, where the town turned out for a parade when she came back from surgery to remove a kidney and cancerous tumors from her heart.

Yeah, cancer is serious stuff, but there’s always gonna be some nincompoop who thinks it’s a big joke.

Jessica Vega may be the latest, but she says she’s not guilty of the fraud and grand larceny indictments against her.

New York says that back in 2010, she pretended to be dying of leukemia so that other people would pick up the tab for her 'dream wedding.' And they did. Part of her haul included a wedding dress, two rings, and a honeymoon in Aruba.

After four months, her husband and the father of her child began having doubts. Yeah, maybe because she was still alive???

They got divorced, but they're still living together, and even have a second child. Guess you can’t fake that.

You also can’t fake 24 years in prison, which she could get if convicted on all six counts.

Doesn’t 'incarceration' have a big 'c' in it, too?