According to, Hobby Airport is ranked the 6th most affordable airport in the United States to fly in and out of with an average price of $294.

30 miles away, George Bush Intercontinental Airport ranks 84th in the nation with the average flight costing $461. says this is largely due to the southwest effect in which the airline drives the price down in the market.

Even for international flights hobby is less expensive than the big airport since flights through Hobby to international destinations are connecting flights that are generally cheaper than direct flights.

The most affordable airport on the list of 101 U.S. airports is Daugherty Field in Long Beach, CA at $223 for the average flight.

Interestingly enough, other L.A. area airports like Bob Hope in Burbank and John Wayne in Orange County are high on the list. Hey maybe going to Hollywood isn’t that pricy after all.

The most expensive airport on the list? Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii with a whopping $667.

Mostly because the island is located in the middle of the ocean, but it's worth it.