Murder-for-hire mail order bride plot foiled
Long distance relationships can be really tough...but it's never a good idea to hire a hitman to kidnap your Russian mail-order bride and crate her back to the states so you can "get a good week out of her", before slowly poisoning her in your newly built home dungeon. No...definitely, not a good idea! But for David Sartin from Hankamer, Texas, he pleaded guilty to this crazy plot as a way to get back at his supposed internet girlfriend from the Ukraine.

Trouble started for the 49 year old Sartin three years ago, when he clicked on a "dream marriage" website that flaunted "hot Russian brides." Online he met and fell in love with much younger Elena Barykina, who had dreams of a singing career. The love struck Sartin traveled to the Ukraine six times to meet with his little song bird, showering her with expensive jewelry and lavish trips across Europe. All along, Sartin thought they were going to get married...but Barykina was only after his money.

Obsessed Sartin contacted an undercover agent he believed was a hitman to get Barykina out of the Ukraine and ship her, in a crate, to Texas. There, he would stash her in a fortified room he built in his trailer home. He then planed to "get a good week out of her" before killing Barykina with poison.

Now, Sartin sits in a jail cell waiting to get sentenced.