More than 5000 area kids suffer from juvenile arthritis

It may seem like a movie when you talk about a child suffering from old age and arthritis, but this is no movie. For 5000 kids in the Houston area, that is the reality of juvenile arthritis

Bella Lawler, age 11, suffers from JA and says, "I was getting stiffer every morning and weaker than everybody else. I knew something was wrong and my mother knew something was wrong."

Dr. Jordan Orange, Chief of Immunology, Allergy, and Rheumatology at Texas Children’s Hospital adds, "Juvenile arthritis is characterized as a rare condition but that said, it's as common as some conditions that are part of our daily vocabulary."

At the Children's Museum of Houston, kids and parents wanted to heighten awareness about the condition by making September 19 as the Healing Hands for Arthritis Day in Houston.

Unique hand prints were posted on a wall during the ceremony, but those hands are symbolic of much more -- the knowledge that these kids are not alone in their suffering.

Amber Giannoni, mother of child with JA, says, "It's so nice for Logan to meet other children with the condition and just get to see that there are other kids that have to take shots and have to take medication and have to experience painful flare-ups, but are still out there enjoying like and having fun."

And it's a comforting thought knowing that you can feel like a normal kid even if you feel stiff and sore.