Marlen Esparza bringing home the bronze



6:37 PM EDT, August 8, 2012



Pasadena’s Marlen Esparza is everywhere you look, whether it’s selling fries for McDonalds, or pushing Coke for, well, Coke, or a Cover Girl can be a knockout outside the boxing ring.

And now we’re seeing her bringing home the bronze, the first American woman to win a medal in the first Olympic Games where women’s boxing is an official event.

The 23-year-old Esparza won the flyweight bronze by losing in the semi-finals to Ren Cancan of China, the three-time world champion and the #1 seed in London.

Esparza started out at the Galena Park Boxing Academy where Kenny Weldon is the head coach and has watched her rise to fame.

'It’s hard to take a loss sometimes, but Marlen has been there and done that,' Weldon said. 'She knows what she`s doing. She just had maybe the wrong strategy, but she’ll come back and she’ll be great again.'

Esparza says she wants to retire and maybe go to medical school. Who knows? Maybe she’ll deliver babies.

We already know she can deliver a punch.