Online Dish: Mark Wahlberg "Goes Off" on 9/11 Attacks Because He's Not "Getting Off"

When will stars learn just to keep their mouths shut unless they're reading from a movie script?

The latest star to have an insert foot moment is action movie star Mark Wahlberg. According to him his "heroic" bad a** roles don't end on the silver screen. He truly believes he's a "Fighter". In fact, in an interview with Men's Journal, Wahlberg says that he was supposed to be on one of the 9/11 planes heading to Boston. Instead he went to Toronto. But even if he were on that flight it wouldn't have mattered.

"If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn't have went down like it did," he tells the magazine. "There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, 'OK, we're going to land somewhere safely, don't worry.'"

According to the Huffington Post, Wahlberg has spoken before of the near-miss, and the action he would have taken had he been on the flight.

"We certainly would have tried to do something to fight," he said in 2006. "I've had probably over 50 dreams about it."

We all know he's in incredible shape and did all the stunts in "The Fighter" but muscles don't protect you against terrorists.

Wahlberg has since apologized for his 9/11 comment, telling TMZ, "To suggest I would have done anything differently than the passengers on that plane was irresponsible... I deeply apologize to the families of the victims that my answer came off as insensitive, it was certainly not my intention."

Wahlberg may be "going off" on what a bad a** he is but he's not "getting off". He told Men's Journal that he's now a religious man, and has markedly changed his sex life, at least when it comes to his own personal intimacy.

"I don't get down with jerking off, dude. Look. I don't believe in everything that the church says. I try to do the right thing. I lead a clean and pure life. I'm a married guy. I have a beautiful wife. Sex is not the most important thing to me, being horny all the time, spanking the -- I mean, it's not against the law. You can do whatever you want. And it's not like, 'I shouldn't do it because of my faith. I'm just not really that into it that much anyway."

He loves himself, but doesn't really love himself!

What do you think about his comments?

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