HOUSTON - You know the phrase: beat to a different drum. Madison High School senior Dominique Baylor does just that, and has beat obstacles in his life.
"If today was my last day, would I be proud of what I've done? And I wanted to make sure that I was," said Baylor.
You'll find Baylor on the Madison band, choir, the drama club and volunteering at his church. But you'll also find a 17-year-old, who relishes life because it got very complicated years ago.
"Dominique was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes when he was 6-years-old," Dominique's mother, Lisa Baylor, said. "He started playing in the band when he was in the sixth grade."
 "When I understood the seriousness of diabetes when I was like 8-years-old I was like 'wow. Why am I still here today?' Then I started going into the church, and was like 'wow, If God can do all this for me what can I do for him,'" said Baylor.
Madison's director of bands, James Wilson, said there's plenty of reasons why Baylor is so special. He's special enough to become our Class Act of the week.
"He went from playing saxophone to being lead trumpet," said Wilson. "So never touching the trumpet before last year he started on trumpet and now he's [the] trumpet section leader."
"I finally made the jump to drum major," said Baylor.
As Baylor reflects on where to go to college, could it be a Baylor to Baylor University in Waco, Texas, next fall? Not going to happen.
Baylor wants to attend Grambling State University in Grambling, La., to join the school with the infamous band.
"It started with my grandfather now it's with my uncle, and my cousins did it too," said Baylor about joining the family tradition of going to Grambling State. "Now I feel like it's just falling onto me."
"He actually has a good chance [of earning a scholarship to Grambling State University next fall]," said Wilson.
"Dominique has always wanted to be a leader. He likes to be involved. He's a role model," said Lisa Baylor.  
"I'm just gonna do everything that I can. Keep doing the right thing, and hopefully it will all pay off," said Baylor.