London's Big Ben to be renamed in honor of Queen

Big Ben, the landmark clock and tower in London, is getting a name change and a sex change of sorts. Big Ben is now Big Liz.

Lawmakers voted to permanently change the name of the tower to The Elizabeth Tower in honor of Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee.

It's officially named the clock tower, but the bell inside the tower is commonly known as Big Ben.

Theory is the bell got its name from one of two places. Either it was named after Benjamin Hall, the engineer whose name is inscribed on the bell, or it could be named after Ben Caunt, a champion heavyweight boxer of the 1850s.

Either way we think she's earned the recognition after 60 years on the throne.

While we're changing the names of well-known landmarks, why don't we shake things up here in America as well?!

We could change the Empire State Building to the Rudy Giuliani tower.

The Golden Gate Bridge could become Joe Montana way. In the minds of so many people he's a real man and a cultural icon.