Justin Bieber hates on Prince William's hairline

There isn’t anything wrong with being bald. Lots of celebs look good sporting the chrome dome. Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Britney...ok, well maybe not Britney, but you get the point.

Bald can be beautiful!

It’s that in-between stage that gets a little, well hairy.

And that’s why singer Justin Bieber is hatin’ on Prince William’s hairline, telling 'Rollercoaster' magazine: "I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back."

We got some news for you Biebs: Propecia doesn’t work like a 'chia'.

Propecia only helps to prevent more of your hair from falling out.

Here’s another reason why Prince William should think about this little pill.

A new study by George Washington University suggests men who used Propecia not only suffered persistent sexual side effects; they suffered from severe depression and suicidal thoughts, too!

Sorry, Kate!

You’ve got heirs to bear, so it looks like you’ll just have to get used to having a hairless Prince.

Who needs hair when you have a crown on your head?