You walk in the room and you hear the loud music and the see the flashing lights. It looks like a "hip" new club, but it's really a place to work on your hip, legs, arms and any other part of your body. It's exercise while playing video games.

We recently got a tour of the X-Arcade. It's a first for Houston at the Briar Club off of Timmons. The club has been known for tennis and swimming, but this room is making a name for itself by making video games meaningful.

"It's very tiring, very fun," said Peter Buckman.

He is one of the 500 kids who has worked-out on the games you may know like Dance Revolution.

Also in the room: 3-Kick, which is a karate-like game where you hit "flashing" poles with your hands and feet. There's also a Lightspace Board, where you can play a number of games including virtual dodgeball. We also took a stroll on a walking pad that simulates a run through a city street, watch out for the ninjas.

The games come from Itech Fitness, a Colorado-based company taking advantage of this kind of gaming. We knew this would be a trend five years ago when we saw the "powergrid." It looks like treadmill you see in any gym, but resistance in the joysticks makes you work your body to a video game on a screen.

More recently, Wii Fit has become popular.

Now comes the X-Arcade. The games can change with software upgrades

The Briar Club fitness director says an hour in the room will burn about 350 calories, that's like jogging a couple of miles without going anywhere.