Houston ranks No. 1 for stretching your paycheck

Forbes magazine says Houston tops the list of cities that give your buck a much bigger bang.

The average yearly salary in Houston is almost $60,000, the 8th highest in the country, but what gives us the edge is the low cost of living.

Shopping, services, utilities and transportation cost less than most of the rest of the country, but the big advantage we have in Houston, is the low cost of housing.

Houstonians can buy a home for almost 3 times the annual household income, while in San Francisco it would cost almost 7 times that, and their paychecks tend to be a lot bigger than ours.

Add that all up and the average salary of $59,838, worth almost 67,000 bucks.  Not a bad deal.

51 of the largest metropolitan areas were studied.  Dallas-Ft. Worth made the list at number 5 and Austin in 8th place.

San Francisco, New York and L.A., cities with a concentration of some of the richest people in the country come in at numbers 39, 41 and 46.

The place you want to stay away from if you save up some cash is Riverside, CA last on the list.